Wira Instrumentation is the well known international brand of instruments for the testing of a wide range of natural and synthetic fibres.


Based in the UK, Wira has grown from a foundation of research and development in natural fibres to become a leading manufacturer of technology for the testing of a wide range of quality parameters from fibre characteristics to thermal properties.


The extensive range of apparatus spans from natural and synthetic fibres for textiles, to nonwovens and technical fabrics.


Wira Instrumentation are also a UK representative for Schmidt Instruments.



Here at Wira, quality counts.

Premium Service

Our strong foundation of research and development, and attention to detail has been a hallmark for our history in the testing of textiles.

Global Network

With agents around the world, Wira provides testing instruments to leading manufacturers, where ever you need them.

Fast, Reliable Results

Trusted by leading brands, our sophisticated and ergonomic range yields precise accuracy.


Custom calibrations and features previously only available in expensive industrial devices.

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